Drift School [?] Expired thread, please check new Drift school thread

I know we had a drift school back in FM3 and FM4, would anyone be interested in helping with one or does anyone out there need help drifting?

I would love to help start something up. But I can’t do it on my own.

I wouldn’t mind helping but I’m sure I’d be learning along the way as well. Been drifting since Forza 1 but every time a new Forza comes out I feel like a beginner again.

Add me if you like, but not if you need to ask for a gamertag Lol.

I agree. I am experienced in drifting and can hold my own, even win, in a good drift lobby or on the LB. However every time i start up with a new Forza Motorsport it’s like learning all over again…

I think this is a great idea, it would probably help stop hundreds of new threads with the same “Help Me I’ve Just Started” kind of title. Would this be do e through the forums or over xbox? Feel free to add me though because I’m sure I could give some people some help and learn along the way.

I think if I were to set it up I would have it through the forums. That way everyone can have posted times that they’re usually on and available to help. Then people can coordinate stuff.

That’s what I thought, well if you need any help message me

Can anyone of you guys help me maybe my gt is mciulla

I could use some help xD

I’ve been looking for something like this, really need someone to help me out when it comes to drifting. GT: The Smiler 579

AONO88 is my gamer tag

I would be happy to be an instructor. I teach drifting in the real world too.

That’s awesome man! If I could afford drifting I would do it. I’m going to track my R6 next riding season. I need to get on a track, I’m too stupid on the road. lol

Thanks for the feedback guys! I’m going to get some homework done and I’ll get working on this!

i added you

I’m a bit new to drifting but I understand everything, I could use the help of someone to guide me through the basics and fix what I do wrong c:
GT: SasukeItachi123 (pfft dont mind my young gt ;-:wink:
EDIT: woops, meant to post this on the FM4 drift forum…but ill still take replies here

I’d love to help in any way possible I’ve helped around four people already wether it was tuning problems or tips add me

I am very interested in learning to drift on Forza 5. I have tried but without real success. I would like to work up to tandem drifting. Send me an invite to school.


Chuckie GT

xD lets set sail and make this one heck of a school set the flag and lets make a crew men and we’ll be called the Forzamotorsport Drift School Experience or FDSE for short :wink:

Good luck fellas.
I feel like there is going to be a flood of newbies needing help.

new people more fun the greater the expierence and the better the challenge don’t you think Pounder

Well Digitized, I would say there is lots of demand and there will be more as people are still getting their Xboxes. So you should start up the Drift School thread, I’m guessing loads of people need help or are willing to give help so everyone will benefit.