Drift points Competition! Prizes for winners!


I’m looking to start a drift competition Rwd only and points. I have some details that I will relay and some kinks I still need to work out but I’m just trying to get a feeler out there for people that may or may not be interested. If you are interested in a points competition please send my gamer tag DRAGONoCOM a message with your name, time zone, a single track you’d like to be in the competition ( doesn’t mean it will be, but just want to get a general consensus) and any info you think I might want to know I guess. I used to run a lot of these back on forza 4 and gave out Microsoft cards and cars on the auction house and money. Or even venmo nowadays could work. I was very high ranked on 3 and 4 in the top ten on drift leaderboards although points drifting seems to be null and void now when it come to measuring up to other people on the newer games. Thank you everyone and please let me know.


pm on xbox live sent :wink:

Would be interested let me know GT BrendonD93

It would need to have specific rules tho.
How is a guy with stock to sport tires suppose to win against a dragtire noob, for example?
Should be something like the tandem drift competition specs.
So not a billion hp, no drag, no positive camber etc etc

It’s going to be bring what you brung, there will be rules but not against what cars you can use and how you can use them. I am number one on the maple valley rival with a 350 hp car with street tires, and I also run drag tires on most of my cars. It really doesn’t make a difference if you can drift you can drift end of story. I would like to do a couple teirs that way I don’t have top ten drifters against regular drifters. Make it fun and competitive for everyone idk how I’d do that though. Maybe make it a race to get everyone’s level and split them up accordingly. I’m down to listen to people ideas but I’m not going to tell them what cars and how they can tune that is counter productive.


It took me 4 laps to get 80,6k.
I’m not impressed man. Drag tires are still uncool asf.

I’m numbe one in America with 82,7?? You can click the x button in the leaderboard and go to americas or the world. You’re in the featured events maple valley right? And I’m number one on hardcore too. Maybe depending on where you are you can only see certain people. I’m DRAGONoCCOM

I would of had a 90 but lost that lap just settled for the 82k

I see you use positive camber…
Not impressed by ur score then.

Idk why people use the HSV. Too heavy.
Just switched to the HDT Commodore, got 83,8k in like… 5th try.
Make the rear stiff, obviously.
-2.8 front
-4 rear.


You use a steering wheel?

No I use a controller, unfortunately. No wheel worth getting yet. Saving for the fanatec DD wheel which hopefully come out Q1 2018

That’d be cool never used a wheel I’m sure it would be interesting

Running my that new vanquish v12 with the wide track best lap on maple so far 95k definitely gona be entering will pm when I get home.

Wait is there a rival event for maple right now?

yeah… almost more than a week that there is a rival on maple valley in drifting with homologation

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95k on maple is pretty good man good job