Drift Oz Steering Wheel


I use an old steering wheel (Drift Oz) in the driver settings it works 100% accurate.

However, in the game it responds very late, I can not make any other settings that improves it.

In a few youtube videos I have seen that the players in the settings have a way to fine tune the steering wheel again (sensitivity).

In my options, this possibility does not exist at all.

What can I do? My steering wheel is not so bad.

The Drift O.Z. is, in the politest way possible, absolutely terrible. It is the lowest possible tier of wheel, and is already quite old. The fact that it even works at all with modern games is nothing short of a miracle, and I can absolutely guarantee that the wheel is at fault here, and not the game. There is nothing that Playground Games can do to change that.

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Thank you for your honest answer GraceMcClain !

The list of Supported Wheels and a guide to settings can be found on the Forza Support site linked in the PLEASE READ thread pinned in the Support subforum.