Drift Guidance Needed. Q.Q

I’m fairly new to drifting but I’ve tried it before, though I’m pretty scrubby. I would greatly appreciate the help from someone with better drift experience to guide me along the basics.
Trying to start drifting with something like an S15 or Supra, I’ll take recommendations as well. :smiley:

Add anyone from FNK I’m sure someone will help you out.

Oh and i forgot to mention this is my first time on a forum so could i ask what FNK stands for?

My mate DVN Rubix said that the best learners car for drifting is a camero ZR1. I think that’s what it is. I know its an S class.

I’m more of an import fan :wink:

Personally wouldn’t say that the ZR1 is good for a beginner. It’s a pretty grippy car, probably not the best way to start out drifting.

@ the OP - I’d recommend starting with an S13, or an S15 as you said, and go from there. If you’re gonna be playing with the FNK guys, I’m more than sure that they’ll be able to help you out with some tunes.

Oh and i found out that if you need more angle add more bhp
more bhp = more angle = more throttle control = more madness
or you could just tune the car.
is it bad that i run 525 bhp in a Mazda RX7


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FNK = funky
DVN = team deviance

FNK is the 3 short name for SimplyFunky, which is one of FM4’s drift teams, You can find the thread in the Drift Teams section

Okay thanks! Is there anyone available to help at the moment?

Were just chilling at the mo, but your welcome to join



alright, ill be glad to join, is there a room i should join in FM4?

we just got on gta add me though

mo = moment

FunkyJoshii, it works well. I’m not very good with speed at drifting and it helps a lot but i think DVN rauzey has an RX7 with more but I’m not sure. I remembering saying something bout it to me.

Up to you its your car, your preference, but the rx7 is a mighty light car and I use it as my main car, I’ve got 460hp and sometimes its a handfull.

I’m more than willing to help out a fellow Naruto fan judging by your GT, as Zedd said the best thing would be to start with an S chassis, 13,14 or 15. Start off slow with around 300-350hp with Race Platform & Handling, Race Drivetrain. Set yourself up on Benchmark and learn to countersteer. Feel free to add me as well and i’ll try my best to help [Y]