Drift expansion

i think in forza motorsports 7 it would be nice to go more in depth with the drift side of things. like a formula drift expansion with more fd cars and some of the real tracks that formula drift uses.
i think for the drift community out there they/we would enjoy it i love the fd cars on forza horizon 4 and on forza 7 and the drift stuff thats in it i think they could just go way more in depth with it like fd bodykits and more bodykits wheels tires for more smoke maybe some how change it to where you can get a drift chassis window stickers also changing the exhaust tips and new engines maybe for our cars also add a feature to where you can change the front and wheel color separately i just think forza has alot of room to go and i know theres alot of people out there that would enoy these things like maybe also with a drift expansion putting the ebisu track also add maybe a mod hub kinda like farming sim 17 and fallout 4 and skyrim just to name a few would be amazing!!!

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