Drift Adventure

I’m in no way an amazing drifter on Forza but I am fairly decent who can hold a good drift around the longer bends.
Is it me or when I am drifting quite fast around the track and then all of a sudden I am lapping people because all they are doing is seeing how many times they can go side to side in a single lap and getting the most points from it?
Surely doing a continuous drift at a higher speed would benefit getting more points? If this is true it doesn’t seem like it

I mean it’s great fun but this can be annoying.

Also what is with AWD? I always end up leaving because to me using an AWD car isn’t drifting. it’s power sliding. I wish there was an option to choose if you want to rwd or awd

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Echo that … I find drift adventure a bit tedious because it encourages zigzagging up the road rather than nice smooth skillful drifts… maybe the points should go up in bands so that if you hold a drift for more than 1 second the point rate goes up …3 seconds goes up again … 5 seconds …etc etc

for AWD I have a car that is so rear biased it may as well be RWD… TBH I haven’t done a drift adventure since the roster card was pinged …
I have to do an online adventure to get ranked again this season but will probably not bother after that again

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