Drift adventure RIP

I’ve noticed people ‘cheating’ in drift adventure by slamming their car into the wall at full speed just to finish their drift or deliberatly spinning out each corner. Using brakes seem to be a thing of the past in ranking AWD drifts nowadays.

If you drive any ‘normal’ car, it has NO CHANCE against “lolcars” like the Abarth, Willys, old Mini or other vintage shoeboxes that can weight way less than a ton and pack 700bhp+.

I feel sad for people driving ‘classic’ drift cars like mazda RX, Silvia’s etc. and they can’t touch any of those shoeboxes with points difference of about 40-50%.

Will there be a fix, like -10-20k points for each high speed colission and more car restrictions? We already have broken A800 AWD racing with the Bone Shaker and now the drift is plagued too…

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I saw Willys and Abarth mostly AWD. Is it a problem with RWD too?

What level are you competing at? I’m only around 2200 points, but have never seen anyone driving like that, and am sceptical it’s the way to score the most points.

I reached 2500 points (rank 10) and after 3 races I’ve dropped 50+ points already back to rank 11, just can’t compete with the lolwagons.
The META seems like - as light as possible and as much power as possible, I’ve also seen an old Fiat cabrio coming out way on top of others.
Add short wheelbase and AWD and you can throw these cars around like 90 deg across the road and still recover easily.

Thankfully they just can’t compete in RWD because they spin out all the time due to their short wheelbase.
S2 AWD doesn’t seem to suffer from this, there you have the very powerful RTR Mustangs, FD Vipers etc. which is perfectly fine, they are purpose-built drift cars anyway.

I really like the drift adventure but there isn’t much fun left if you’re left with a handful of cars just to stay competitive in ranked. As I mentioned before, A800 racing suffers from the same - Bone Shaker/Alfa TZ2, S1 900 already gets a bit wider choice with Ford GT, Alfa 33S, Viper ACR '08 etc.
The S2 racing class also has this with the TVR Speed 12 and Hoonigan RS200 but it’s less pronounced after the introduction of wallride/ramming penalty.


I mean, look at this:

Pure filth but the only way to climb up the ladder and I really want that Mini Traveller as I don’t have it yet.