Dreaming of my early days on FH4


I agree. FH5 is not bad but FH4 is better.


The location was much better, honestly there just isn’t anything in Mexico. Not like it’s a big tourist country or has any landmarks that people visit. I just think that there are so many better locations they could have chosen and was really surprised it was Mexico of all places.

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I miss forza horizon before the implementation of the festival playlist, I much more enjoyed playing the game the way I like versus being forced to grind online modes and whatnot, that has killed the game for me, it felt much more like a sandbox before weekly grind lists


This ! And not just FH5. It’s been a trend for a while in a lot of games. Promise us an open world of freedom to choose our path, then force us to run their rat maze to feed the game algorithm or lose out on the cheese at the end. If only we all didn’t love cheese so much !

Are we actually playing the same FH4?