Dragonball Z32 (300ZX With Goku Livery + More to come)

Just found out there is a community that works on Liveries, and thought i’d share some of my recent work.

I started using the Forza Paint Mode recently, I actually wasn’t even aware everything was hand drawn. I had to do something of my own after seeing some of the awesome work out there. If anyone needed a tutorial or a video that showed step by step how I created these lines and shapes and what not, there’s some videos at the bottom that will walk through everything.

Link to a video of me creating the shape of Goku’s face/hair/ears/etc.
Link to a video of me creating the hair effect, face shape, etc…


Obviously I wanna do a lot more with it; I started a Namek background scene that I will try to wrap around the vehicle and I started a picture of Gohan riding a Nimbus Cloud. (I just realized I might be talking to people who have no idea what DBZ is.)

Link to start of Gohan lines; shading to come later.
Link to the image i’m using to draw gohan.

I don’t even wanna upload the picture of the Namek scene. I started something but honestly I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. I’ve never been too confident in my ability to do nature scenes. Lol, we will see.

Thanks for viewing and leave some feedback please!