Drag strip question

Hi y’all, I have a question I like to ask to anyone: Are there drag strips in FM6?
The reason I asked is I was working on a Supra drag car and wanted to test it out, only to find that they don’t exist; Though according to ManteoMax’s Track and Ribbon List thread, drag strips are listed, and also there’s the RWD Unlimited Drag hopper. So if anyone can provide an answer (or solution) to this, that’d be great.

Yes they do exist on all counts. Supra drag car might be stressing the tyres abit depending on power output but it could be interesting. Lemme know how you get on.

There are drag strips at airport, hockenheim and sonoma. You can get to them from testing a tune, but it’s basically useless because it throws you in with the clock started and kicks you back to tuning as soon as you cross the finish line. dumb.

sonoma is like a skating rink, hockenheim isn’t much better. The airport has good traction though.

I spent a half hour last night checking out the rwd unlimited drag lobby. um. yeah…lol

You were right, it was useless though it won’t bother me as I only want to use it to test wheelie tunes and launches. Sucks that they’re only in test drive. I guess I didn’t see them at first or didn’t appear until now, I appreciate the help though

They’re also in free play and private lobbies just cycle through the modes… Or am I the only person here with a fully functional version???

I looked in free play on the first or second day and drag was not an option. Maybe they added it since then.

I’ll have a look when I get home. Maybe it will be like FM5 and that will be where you can see drag leaderboards too.

T10 obviously don’t care at all about the drag game mode. It’s like they just slapped on this barely functional sub-game at the last minute with no time spent thinking about any of it whatsoever. I would respect them more if they left out barely finished stuff like this. Do it right or don’t do it at all T10.