Drag Rivals where are they?

So since Forza 3 there has been drag leaderboards and rivals since F4 that i know of…I know lots of people who dont even
play anymore because the drag racing was mostly left out of F5 and now almost completely in F6…this is the 10yr anniversary game and NO Drag leaderboards or Rivals???
no clubs this time?..takes too long to be able to go make drag tunes going in and out of user created room over and over…do you get paid for the length of time people
play your game because everything you did makes it take longer to do anything. was looking forward to this game hoping it was like F4 only better…dissapointed
with forza 5 but at least there were drag rivals every month…if you dont want drag in this game make a FORZA Drag game…specifically. all kinds of classes, tracks…small tire , big tire, etc
would be awesome…anyway couldnt believe new rivals came out and still no drag…cmon man



Check this out though

One other observation I’ve made… The monthly rivals seemed to be sold to the highest bidder I think there are 3 or 4 rivals that include the Ford 350gtr. I assume there is some kind of deal with Ford, where they get to monopolize the rivals for a period of time. The other rivals are “owned” by a couple other manufacturers.

I suppose from a business standpoint it makes sense to sell advertising via “rivals events”. But from a consumers view, it’s getting pretty old seeing the same old ford rivals…

All the above is my opinion… No factual evidence can back what I claim.

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Same thing is happening with Drift, four tracks and 2 of them a bad choose, only one for RWD, brokrn hud drift in free mode and no leaderboards. Worst than it was in FM5, why not all the tracks as ever?

I hope this will be fixed, but for the moment, and after today´s update, Rivals still shows the same as first day, aside from a pair of Fords challege. This doesn´t brnrfict in sny wayt to the gsmr, imo.

i´m still trying to figure out what means “monhtly” challenges in VIP or in no VIP Rivalschallenges. I´m a little or medium dissapointment with this- Lack o f life and motor ambient-related race and other kind of stylesor race like drift or drat challenges.