Drag Racing

Will there be Drag Racing in FH2? I can’t help thinking that Horizon is a better platform for it than Motorsport. I’m talking classic muscle drag cars, not unlimited crazy nonsense. Imagine a barn find 60s custom drag racer, that would be cool.


Please use the wishlist thread. I don’t want individual threads asking for stuff like this.

Just drag tires would be nice I love drag n will still be drag racing regardless

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Well, FH2 has cars. These cars can stop. If two cars were to stop next to each other, then got going again, really fast-like…

There’s gotta be a name for that…erm…a little help here guys…dang. :wink:


There’s an airport with a full runway on the map. You guys can drag there :slight_smile: plenty of highways too.

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While it may not be official, I’m sure players will find a way to drag race, just as we did in FH1.

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In the original Horizon, my friends and I used to use the main straightaway in Beaumont as a drag strip. We’d line up with front tires just on the sidewalk near the lodge and would either race to the split or to the Outpost. Either way, many good times were had because of simple innovation. I’m sure the brilliant Forza community will find some way to do it. It’s just like the old adage - where there’s a will, there’s a way…

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Jus drag tires is enough for me lol

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considering there is a huge runway and they need to fill 700 events there is a good chance. Why are some getting so bent outta shape about it? Damn that would be a quick way to get the monies! I hope we can

Drag races in past Forzas paid a fraction of what a circuit race did.