Drag Racing Needs Fixing

I’ve only played Forza Horizon 4 before this, but in that it was really simple and awesome: Setup an event, it would randomly pick a class, and people could join and leave as they wanted, it worked great. The drag racing setup in FH5 is awful, just horrible design.

Also, less important but still pretty problematic, the drag strips in FH4 were superior because they had different turf. For example, you had to know what kind of car setup to have for the beach drag strip, the sand made it far different than asphalt. In FH5 the only thing that makes any of the (only?) 3 drag strips is the length. Not fun.

Please fix the drag racing. I have to say it again, it is atrociously put together in FH5. Take what you did right in FH4 and implement in FH5.

I would say there is no need for a fix because against unbeatable its way more challenging as it was before in fh4 and that is a nice improvement

but we need more dragstrips like you said on dirt, mud, sand, snow, ice etc.

That’s all I’m saying, some variety would be really nice. I remember in FH4 that you REALLY had to know your car tune in order to drag on some of those strips. People would take the fastest car they had to the beach drag only to end up sliding all over the place.

It’s a scene I never really got into, but the drag racing seems neglected in this game.

I understand not having an ice drag like in H4 as the climate doesn’t allow for that, but sand? There’s no lack of that.

Is there timing lights at any of the drag strips? I’ve not looked.


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I’m cool with alot of little things they did, like you can put a 540 in alot of good muscle cars including the '65 Mustang. There’s still dumb stuff like engine choices for the Elco and tire sizes, but there’s a tiny bit of.progress. I mean the 540 and a twin turbo 454, significant HP.

But for the love of all things Forza, (I’m censoring myself, lol) why can’t the lights from the festival in 4 not be in 5?! What are they thinking? Did the lights take up room for a dance move or clothing item?!

I’d like to see a simple Horizon Open Drag Racing option. They have Horizon Open for all races modes except drag…why?

I’ve always thought “drag zones” like drift or speed zones would be cool. Trigger against someone else in freeroam or a drivatar rivals style.

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That is the problems you see? Not the missing timer to actually make reactions and a perfect start possible? FH4 did not have a start timer so doesn’t FH5…which is a really bad design decision.

Baby steps, man. I don’t see them ever putting enough effort into drag racing to give time slips. It would be great for sure! Don’t get me wrong. It just pretty annoying going back to the “honk the horn” crap. We had a tree!

Besides, lately all I’ve run into cocky kids in AWD V12S again, lol. Personally NOT an AWD fan, lol. I’m looking forward to things settling down with bugs and glitches and all the stuff that’s being sorted. Maybe a tree will appear at some point. It is Christmas!

Would be nice if we could rev match before the start of a race. But, for some reason, someone at Playground thought it was a wise idea to remove countdowns in Horizon 2 and they’ve never looked back since.