Drag racing leaderboard glitched times

I am one of the top racers in drag as well as friends with all the top guys . My complaint is that we are knocked out of our position by people with glitched times (ie: an ET of 0.016 in mile, halfmile and now quarter mile) Its frustrating when you put the time and effort as we have for things like this ro happen. I would greatly appreciate if someone at Turn 10 would take the time to maintain the leaderboards, not just in drag but all other race types as well. All im asking is for the glitched times to be removed. If that means resetting all the boards , then thats fine because I can easily duplicate all the times I have ran. Please take care of these and other issues soon.


I agree. Its across drag, circuit and drift. This is an easy fix. They did it last month with that glitched -0.14 time. So they can easily do it here. Some don’t even know they have glitched the times…

All we want is to have our EARNED positions back