Drag launches and gearing questions

Hey all asimpledeath here!
Now I have been tuning my dart today, I have been able to get it to consistently run 19.219 to 19.319 on the strip.
I have a couple questions about the hearing and launches and possibly suspension.

I get this time using both rally and race suspension and have tried changing wheels and wheel sizes and what not to maximize my speed.

The problem I am having is at launch I’ll spin and when I shift to second gear I spin a tiny bit and carry on, I also notice when running in rivals that my shift from first to second and second to third I fall behind, I use a 4 speed gear ratio and am in the power band for every shift. Is there a trick to launching? It seems I can not keep up off the line when racing any one who is faster than 19.219… the fastest I’ve gone is 19.119 and my best on leaderboards is 19.189.

So those are my issues, also does anyone have any tips on the diff settings (I run 90/0 95/0 84) and also suspension, should I set it so the car stays flat, or should my front end raise or should my front stay low and rear end sag? I’ve tried all 3 and it doesn’t seem to make a difference but what are your thoughts?

I am the fastest out of everyone in my club, and everyone on my friends list but I have a goal of at least 19.0 and I gotta reach my goal.

Check out my storefront for my tunes, and see what you think.
Also add me on Xbox and let’s talk and see if I can reach my goal!

Thanks all! Hope to race you soon