Downloading Upgrade/Tune Setups - Storm Island


I was wondering if there was a way to browse through (only) Storm Island tunes?

If not, is there a way of knowing whether a specific tune has incorporated upgrades only available in Storm Island (the rally stuff)?


Unfortunately, there is not. The only way I can figure to find tunes with Storm Island parts is to search for ‘Storm Island’ or ‘Rally’ in the tune description.

You have to pray the user put something in the description.

You can check by the date uploaded. To be Storm Island tune it must be fairly recent.

Rally transmission often results in a low top speed stat. It is actually misleading but if you see a recent upload with low speed stat it “might” have rally transmission.

The tyres and suspension often (but not always) results in a relatively high handling stat. It all depends what your normal build is like in each class.