Downloading ultimate edition on Xbox One S


Does anybody else got problems downloading the game on Xbox?
I received a mail that the game was available for download, but every time i try it always downloads only what you got when preordering the game, for a total of 138 MB.
I try every day, but its still the same.

Delete the place holders and down load again from the store,will work.

I tried that, deleted the game from my games list. Then went to the store and chose install. But it then downloads the same again :confused:

you dont have to go to the store but on " ready to istall " section on xbox…

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If you are still experiencing this, please email so I can further investigate this.

Can it be that it is a total of 67 GB to download? Because i thought it was 95 GB.

the Xbox version is 67, the PC version is 95 (because you don’t have the option of downloading the 4k files, apparently)