Downloaded FM6 for free as XBL Gold member. Can I still play it after 9/15?

Title speaks for itself. Thing is, I never bought the game previously either via download or disc.

Probably a bit of a silly question to ask, but at the same time, I just do not want to end up getting screwed when September 15th rolls around and the delisting comes for a game I’ve enjoyed so far.

You’ll be fine if you download it before Sept 15th. Just be sure to download all the DLC that you want, good time to take advantage of the season pass deal because you won’t be able to buy those after that date, but if you did you will always have them with the game.

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Thank you sir, just got all the DLC for $5 and it’s being installed as I type.

I believe you can play for as long as you have xbox live gold. I downloaded a golf game a bunch of months back, and when my gold expired, it stopped working (but renewed once it was available again with microsoft rewards and now works again).

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Once it’s tied to your Microsoft account you can redownload it whenever you want (if you have Gold subscription active), also after Store delisting.

P.S.: it’s literally the first thing they say in Delisting post on forums…

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