Download speeds

sold my xbox one s, and i got a xbox one x, so having to download all my games again, but why does it take sooooo long to download, averaging about 10mb a sec. is this normal or should it be downloading quicker

With my computer and box on the same network, I’ll notice a slow start to download until I reboot the computer, which suddenly frees up the download to much faster speeds. I don’t know if the first x% is slower to download than later data, but if you have connected devices using the same internet access try rebooting or disconnecting them.

ah cool, thanks, it is the only disadvantage of digital download versions

I think it’s the Microsoft servers in general. Despite using the same WLAN protocol on both XBox One X and PS4 Pro, the PS4 Pro goes next to full speed (even during preload and release dates) of about 30 MB per second, while the XBOX One X is around 10-12 MB/sec in average. Using ethernet cable doesn’t improve the download for me, nor connection stability (but on PS4).

So far, Steam is the only service that allows the full bandwith of my 300mbit (37.5 MB/sec) line