Download Error?

My game has been downloading for a while, and when it got to the 73.32 GB mark it just kept on installing. I canceled the download, then clicked install and it said it is 154 GB large. Is that the actual size of the game? Or is it just an error in the download?

That is definitely an error in the download - I play on PC so it had to download all the 4K assets for me and my download was only 65gb.

A few people are having this issue atm, I’m not sure whats going on.

Do you have any way of checking you internet usage as this will tell you if the game has used 150gb to download or it is just a visual bug.

I don’t have a way of checking my internet usage. I tried uninstalling the existing files, but when I did, I clicked install and then it went straight back to 99gb.