I have a card with a redeeming code for downloading cars and circuits. It came along with my disc Forza 3 for Xbox360 and I haven´t redeemed it yet, and now when I try to redeem the code, it says “incorrect code” but the card doesn´t have any “expiration” date printed on it.
I talk with Xbox Live support and they say to me tha I need to talk with Forza Support.

As of June 2013, DLC will not be available for Forza Motorsport 3 - confirmed by Turn 10. That means, if you have a code for DLC packs or simply want to buy DLC, it is not possible anymore.

Keeping DLC on the market costs money and, after a while, Turn 10, noticing she isn’t making any money with the DLC sold in Forza 3, decided to take it off the market.

It is not too late, however, to install discs, as those will always download the content as long, of course, as your Xbox 360 is still running.

It is not too late, however, to install discs, as those will always download the content as long, of course, as your Xbox 360 is still running.

sorry, i don’t understand this part of the message… what is the purpose of this? Is it that you are going to create something similar to DLC so that my Xbox continues downloading content for Forza 3 even though DLC is out of market? How is that possible?

If nothing else is going to come out for it, can I redeem them for something else? Otherwise that means I’m screwed with that credit and I don’t think that’s something fair…

Reading your post, I have the impression you think I work for Turn 10, and I just want to say - I don’t.

What I meant is that you get two discs when you buy Forza 3. One to play the game and a second one you can install for more content (cars, tracks, etc.).
I tried to be ironic here - the second disc will install if your Xbox 360 is not dead.

DLC will never be available again, on the market nor on disc.

Which code is it? My understanding is that only the Stig Pack code doesn’t work. Usually, even though DLC was removed the codes should still work. I remember when the DLC was first removed here was a brief time where codes didn’t work and redownloading thru your download history wouldn’t work, but then everything except the Stig Pack was restored.

Ok, i understand that, I install the disc 2 but the code is for extra pack of cars legendary, and 18 circuits famous on Forza 1,2 and 12 circuits High Speed Ring and this Code didn´t redeemed

I’m sad to hear this. I scratched my original FM3 disk. It works most of the time but sometimes on initial start up it complains and it is getting worse. Because of this I bought a new copy of the game. Still wrapped in plastic with the DLC card inside. I was hoping to get the DLC because of this.

I read the license agreement for both the game and XBox Live. (I need to get a life.) Nowhere does it mention the code has an expiration date. The state I live in says if I paid for something I must get it. This is called the warranty of merchantability. Many states have the law. In the terms of service agreement there is a clause roughly stating that if part of the agreement violates or contradicts local law that part of the agreement shall be void but the rest of the agreement remains in force. So if there is something in the agreement saying DLCs expire it doesn’t apply where I live. All this means is I could probably get my money back if I wanted to be a total pain. I won’t get the DLC. I’m not going to worry about it. I spent $3 on it and I replaced my scratched disk. It would have been nice to get the DLC though.