Download a Car

At risk here of exposing my naivete… Keep in mind that I’ve never used an XBox before so there is a lot of stuff I don’t know about it.

So, I decided to purchase a DLC car, the SS Nova. It shows as $2.99 to download, but every time I click on it, I get a screen asking for a 6 digit numerical code or passkey. Obviously there is something I am missing, how do I get a legitimate passkey? I’ve searched online for two days and all that’s came up is ways to cheat the system. I’d like to have the car, and would give the 2.99 for it, but I’m not going to try and steal it.

So how do I give Turn 10 my 3 bucks?

It sounds like you - or someone at your residence - set a passkey for your account and you’ve forgotten it. This may help you.

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Bethca’ that’s right on the money! I really appreciate the good advice…!