Dowders replica & realistic paints

Hello all. Been playing since FM2, and loved to paint there. Now finally getting back into it via FH3 & FH4.

After around a week of figuring stuff out thanks to the amazing tutorials by PJTierney & ABGRAPHICS among others, I’ve finally finished my first replica of Tim Hoy’s 1991 BTCC BMW E30 M3.

!(]Tim Hoy’s BTCC M3 in action)

!(]TIm Hoy bonnet shot)

I’ll probably be doing a fair amount of BTCC/Touring car stuff as well as GT/WEC/ALMS, and rallying stuff as that’s where my passions lie. This paint is available on both FH4 & FH3 by searching “dowders” as a creator.

Feedback welcome.


Looks really good!