Doubts about the song edits

Hello everyone, sorry for my english but I’m an italian guy.
I was wondering why the word “high” in the phrase “I’m flying high” has been censored/removed from the song Fake It ‘Til You Make It from Dreamers in Horizon Pulse… I understand ESRB rating is for everyone and here in Europe PEGI is 3+ but I don’t understand what’s the problem with “I’m flying high”… maybe is a phraseological sentence you use in english language that I don’t know since I only studied it on the books in my life. Can someone explain me why??

I don’t know if it translates to Italian very well, but in English, ‘high’ is also used to describe somebody who is on drugs. So my guess is that it was censored because it implies drug use.

It’s stupid censorship…

… Don’t walk on the grass!

That would get censored too using the same rules.

They just recently censored ALL of the music, within the past week. I created a post about this last night, but apparently they needed to censor that also.


Yeah, having seen the lyrics, I don’t know. If it’s supposed to be interpreted that way, then the whole song is about being on drugs, and censoring that one word only draws attention to that.

If it’s not supposed to be interpreted that way, then it’s not about drugs at all, and there’s no point in censoring ‘high’ in that context.

Thank you all for the answers!:+1:t3: