Double cars from wheelspins


why didn´t we got the function from Forza Horizon 3, to choose when we get a car in a wheelspin which is in our garage, to take money instead of the car ?
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I guess it wasn’t popular

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I just put duplicates on the auction house and leave any that don’t sell. They’ll disappear eventually.


Me too, but thats idiotic. In Fh3 wheelspins allow us to sell cars for 50% of main car value. In auction house you can sell cars for minimum value - for example 80k car for 8k. It was great option and we miss them.


I just remove from garage
they aren’t worth anything anyway


I guess two reasons.

1: To avoid selling prize cars by mistake.
2: To deliberately not give cr to players.

Personally, I think it’s #2 and is in line with their decision not to let you sell back any cars at any time.

They’ve redone the wheelspins from FH3 in a way that I mostly like. I know people get annoyed by all the avatar stuff and duplicate cars (I do too), but I’ve gone through so many hundreds of spins now that I can see the advantages to players that are in it for the long haul. Most things in this game seem aimed at the casuals, but the wheelspins are great for people that plan on getting all the expensive cars.

In FH3, the jackpots were the FE cars, some 5 figure cars and 200,000 CR (if I remember right). In this game, the jackpots are MegaMillions/Powerball style jackpots. 10 million CR cars … and I get a new one spit out about every week of play (I play a lot). While I’m not sure I like the general idea to add gambling and the emotions that go along with it into the game, if they are going to do it, they are doing it right now. It’s a lot easier to stomach getting a bunch of trash over and over when you know that you’re going to get 10 million CR cars every once in a while. If you think about it, one of those cars is the equivalent of getting 100 spins paying out 100,000 CR in a row. Yeah, if you don’t play much and don’t plan on buying everything, that doesn’t help … but every time I hit a jackpot, it saving me about a week or more of grinding for credits. Totally worth it.

But the downside is that they’ve added a ton of more chances to get duplicates when the garage limit is still 550. And since they’ve embedded wheelspins in every car’s perk tree to go along with the gambling mentality, a person like me that tries not to just throw away a wheelspin is basically given work every time I get a duplicate. So now that I’m always running into the garage limit, a lot of my gameplay is just garage management. I race get a few wheelspins, get duplicate cars, then I need to get skill points so I can farm the wheelspin and get rid of the car. It’s neverending.

And there are so many duplicates, too. I’ve had more than 10 duplicates of a ton of different cars in my garage at one time or another. Remember in FH3 how awful it felt to get 2,000 CR? Well, I’ve caught myself fist-pumping 1,000 CR a bunch of times. I even fist-pump the avatar stuff that I hate now … but the good news is that while I used to get duplicate clothing items, since I’ve got all the ones available from wheelspins, I haven’t got any more duplicates of those. I’ve had hundreds of spins in a row now with no avatar items.

But back on topic, I’d like the option to just sell a duplicate back like in FH3, too … but, then again, that would just be throwing an unused wheelspin/MegaMillions lottery ticket in the garbage so I probably wouldn’t use it.

I suggested allowing people to “sell” cars for Forzathon points (1pt for Green, 3pt for Blue, 5pt for Purple, and 10pt for Yellow) as a way to make duplicate cars valuable but not add credits… which in turn would allow you to purchase more wheelspins… but it got buried in the suggestion post like every other thread meant for discussion that gets posted about an aspect of the gameplay :frowning:

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I could even take the system where we can remove those duplicate cars for free in that moment when we won them on wheelspin. Just because removing those duplicate cars from garage byself take lots and lots of time when have every car.

I have to say I like the new wheel spin system. The clothing can be annoying sometimes but I got way more cars through wheelspins than I did in fh3. I just hope they don’t nerf the wheelspins like they did in FH3 where you had a 95% chance of getting 4 figures in credits rather than something useful.

Well this makes the wheelspins less interesting… getting double cars and no one buys them at the auction anyway so you just have to throw them away for free…

The best solution would be no double cars at all, like clothing…

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I … I don’t know about that for all cars. If you mean only autoshow cars, I’m all in and think it’s a great idea. We could use wheelspin money to buy multiples of those. But I like being able to get multiple Aventador SV’s without dealing with the AH.

Yeij even more 2k cr wheelspins because im sure if pg would do that they would balance wheelspin so we dont get any more money than we get now and that just mean even more those super low credit prizes. Most of the time i dont like see duplicate cars when it’s just take extra work to remove those from garage but sometimes gets some cars that are mutch more nicer than credits reward, like i yesterday got centanario and 458s so i have now two centario with different paint jobs and different kinda tuning and i have now s1 and s2 class ferrari 458s. So i would still see more that system that we can choose do we want add duplicate car or just remove it.

That is true. I’d like multiple 7 or 8 figure cars from spins too. Dealing with 20 Kia Stingers is annoying, but I’m living with it.