Doritos Car Pack - December 5

“From classic racers to rough-and-tumble SUVs ready to tackle any conditions you throw at them, the Dorito’s Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 7 features seven vehicles from six different decades. Reaching all the way back to the earliest days of racing, we’ve got one of the oldest cars to come to Forza in the 1926 Bugatti Type 35. Another classic race car, the BMW 328, arrived to competitive prominence roughly a decade later in real life; one drive in Forza 7 will tell you why. In addition, we’ve got a trio of big and beautiful SUVs, including the Japan-only Nissan Safari and the latest mixture of performance and luxury with Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo.
The Doritos Car Pack is included as part of the Forza Motorsport 7 Car Pass, which is available for separate purchase or as part of the Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition.”

1939 BMW 328
1926 Bugatti Type 35
1955 Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
1985 Nissan Safari Turbo
2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo
1962 Porsche 804

(no Bugatti pic)

Easily one of the worst packs. So terrible


I second that for sure! What’s with all the SUVs when we don’t event have an off-road track to race them on???!!! I for one am not a fan of SUVs in this racing game, but in Horizon they are super. Also there is not one Ferrari or Lamborghini included here! Bugatti in the form of the oldest car in the game, but where is the pic for its introduction ??!!. The only car I really care about seeing come to this game now is the Lamborghini Asterion, which to date is only in EA’s Real Racing 3, so what gives here T10, this is a very bad, bad, bad car pack!


Sadly, I agree. This might be the worst car pack they ever created, massive disappointment. :frowning:


The worst car pack ever maybe out of all the the Forza franchise. This is not horizon we want cars you can use on the track. I was hoping for the 812 super fast or maybe finally the 720s or how about the track focused 675lt. How don’t know how we don’t have the car already. All of these old cars antique cars yeah put those in horizon if you would like to cruise in them.


If I were interested in pre-war sports cars then I’d take the BMW 328. None of the others are of any interest to me. Don’t know whether or not I’m in the minority here.

EDIT: Somehow I didn’t notice the Porsche 804 when made my initial post. That is the highlight of the car pack for me. Since these cars were free for VIPs I put the BMW and Bugatti in my garage and will eventually try them out.

Easily not.


What? Put these old race cars into Horizon to cruise with rather than using them for what they were designed for? Are you nuts?

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Lol yeah I’m not impressed with this one.


Well, at least it has a Trackhawk in it!

weak … very weak…


To each their own, i am not really impressed by it either. Seems like a SUV pack and SUVs are horrible in FM7.

Well, on to January i guess! :))


Please Turn 10, go out of business.

Edit: Please Turn 10, read the car wishlist thread,however, thank you for the Bugatti and the BMW. Both are cool, and '62 Porsche is interesting.


Why would you want Turn 10 to go out of business over a car pack that they released?!

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Really? 3 SUVs? Alright I will admit the Nissan is somewhat cool, and everything else in the pack is awesome, but those 2 new SUVs are totally useless considering we already had very similar ones. Love the 328 though.


I’m really confused by the SUV / off road pushing in this motorsport game.


FM 7 includes a fair number of very similar cars in various categories.

It is becoming quite apparent that some people have a very narrow view of what constitutes motorsports and as such, have a very narrow definition of what vehicles can and should be included in FM7.


Yep looking forward to January now lol. This was horrible. The Nissan safari I mean cmon lol. That’s why they make two games, Motorsport and horizon. Turn 10 should be ashamed of themselves for this one.


Given how F7 has been since release, maybe Turn10 have just stopped trying and are only using the Motorsport series as a testing program to prep new vehicles for Horizon 4.