Dori Union | The Brotherhood | EST 2011

Dori Union’s all about Drifting (Setup,Tips & Minding)

We are Composed of Drifters that wants to push themselves like they never before , Being Focused & Concentrated is in Our Mind , But Drifting & having fun is taking a big part in Our Souls. We don’t Want the best , We want to Grow together and learn from Winners.We are recruiting specific people that has the potential, that never stop improving in all there doing & wants to have fun!
Don’t Take us like little Beer , Winners Keeps Pushing , Keep that in Mind.​
Members : * We Will be Presenting Each Main Cars for Each Drivers *

DU Naoki
DU Ryouta


Looks like you guys will have a lot of fun competing and making new friends, just dont concentrate to much on having fun or competing, its hard to juggle them. Good luck!