Don't get mad at drivatars in Horizon Solo, get even!

One of my favourite pastimes when I’m done with the current season challenges is to chase misbehaving drivatars (you know, the ones that go out of their way to slam head-on into you unprovoked). I also make it a point to screen capture the conclusion to this chase.

Please feel free to add to this topic with your own “pay back” stories & photos! :smiling_imp:


This is in freeroam correct? Because drivatars in races barely move when you ram them. Love the photos anyway.

That’s right, Horizon Solo in freeroam. Thanks for the good words @anonyyymous!

Heh. Must try that. :+1:

It’s great therapy if and when needed. :upside_down_face:


It’s fun playing to-me-to-you before the wreckage events start. Like kicking a ball about in the road. People soon join in. xD

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This one is from FH3, where it’s literally impossible to drive around without getting crashed into lol

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@JustPureLuck08, you look like you can handle yourself very well regardless! :wink:

One of the AI crashed into my Ferrari Daytona. I switch to a 6x6 and push them off the road at every chance

@KnightOfRen8514, that’s the spirit…, and the right hardware! :smile: