Dont buy forza 6 ultimate edition download edition

I bought forza 6 ultimate edition on 7/16, it said I can download it at anytime but not play the game until 9/10, it had been over 2 months and I still have not been able to download the game, I contacted Microsoft about this issue and there is nothing they can do, I should have received the download button a long time ago but I still have not. they want me to buy the game again and spend $206 for a single game and try it again, I am sorry but I will not spend double the amount for this game, way to rip off your customers, tell them they can download it at anytime and take the money out of their account and give them nothing in return, did you know it is against the law by charging there credit card and not giving them anything in return? You are breaking the law. your agents can not even fix this issue or have a response for my issue. way to rip your customers off. People please do not buy this game online it is a rip off, buy it from the store. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME ONLINE IT WILL JUST RIP YOU OFF AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD IT, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND GIVE YOU NOTHING IN RETURN.

No game will be available for digital preload until after it has “gone gold”, which Forza 6 just did today, so you can expect preloading to become available in the coming days. Obviously Turn 10 isn’t going to hand the game over to Microsoft for them to upload it to their servers until it has been completed and certified to be published.

You haven’t been ripped off, you don’t need to buy the game again, you just need to wait, like the rest of us who bought the game digitally, until it is available to preload.




This gives me a great idea…I’m going to go complain that I haven’t gotten my Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition, even though it’s paid in full, and I even paid off the credit card already.

Maybe they’ll give me my own working power armor has compensation.

Nah. I doubt it.


you lucky duck! lol

I would be pretty cool walking around with the armor… but you may get a lot of gunfire lol


Hehe, luck is the word.

I missed the first batch when it sold out, and had to wear out my refresh key/phone for the better part of 48 hours once they started releasing more. Just managed to get one by a random button push at the right time.

Might need the armor to get it home though, lol.

He’d have more defense against it than without the armour on… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s tough but sometimes you can’t help stupid. Either that or OP is just a troll because THIS posted well before they made their post. It’s like they didn’t even read it.


PPiDrive Boy big time keyboard warrior, your are pretty tough behind that keyboard calling people names on what they were told by Microsoft, big guy here, or big douchebag, I will go with the 2nd one since Microsoft told me I should be able to download it and have no problems downloading it, I am going off what they told me today, but you have to act like your some big stud making fun of people, is your self esteem that low? maybe you should think about seeking professional help on your self esteem issues, I was pointed to this board that I did not even no it existed by Microsoft and was told to post my issue here, so get off your high horse or stop pumping it and read my full post on what Microsoft told me.

Lol because the internet

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Do a hard reset of your Xbox and it’ll start going or show finished. I preordered mine weeks ago and noticed nothing was installed it said 0gb installed do today I starting thinking about it and tried a hard reset and boom it showed fully installed just got to wait now

Mines installed and ready to go
The game and all add-ons for the Ultimate Edition say they are ‘Pre-Ordered’,that it has used 44.3gb of my Harddrive then when i click on the game it says ‘You are too early:We know you d like to get started,but be patient’

This is my first Digital release so everythings new to me as well,but dont stress…

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It’s not there yet, it’s like a place holder of how big the game will be. It should be pretty obvious it’s not if you look at how much space is used on your HD.

Shrugs Shoulders

Ok,since im a noob at Digital Downloads,do i then have to do anything else between now and the 10th or will it automatically Download it for me??

Mine said all of that only minutes after completing my preorder on Monday. No way its possible to have downloaded the game that fast. I think its just claiming hard drive space for the download when it starts.

What Microsoft told you is wrong, plain and simple. The game will be available to download soon, and all you can really do is wait until that time. I’m not even sure why it’s a big deal, not like it makes any difference whether you download the game two weeks or two months before release, you still have to wait until the 10th to play it regardless.

Unrelated, but I doubt PPi has any self-esteem issues, he seems like a pretty happy guy.

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well what I was told by Microsoft today and only by them, I did not know this, I did not know this forum existed so I had no clue but PPI had to act like a [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] that could have been worded a bit better but what I get is he has some self esteem issues, instead of helping someone new he needs to put them down, which in turn he needs some professional help.

Yes, he had a crack at someone on an internet forum, so he obviously needs professional help, good spotting on that one mate.

As for your issue with the Ultimate Edition, it’s been solved, so just chill out.


I am just going by what Microsoft told me, that is it, they told me to do a ton of stuff I guess I did not have to do, so I am just doing what they said to do. How did I know they were wrong when I did not even know this board existed. but his actions were out of line for something Microsoft said it was a problem and I should have been able to download it a long time ago.

The Microsoft support people were obviously confused, as they of all people should know that a game would not be available for preload until it had gone gold. Not that I’m too surprised, Microsoft support can often be more clueless than the people that call them for help sometimes. I’m just glad we saved you the money and frustration you would have spent buying a second copy of the Ultimate Edition on Microsoft Support’s recommendation.