done a 2HR 15min Race and got nothing

i just done a 2HR 15min Race and got nothing i had 3 vip 100%cr bonuses drivatars at 100% unbeatable came 1st and used a forza edition car all mods where used and i got nothing i should have had 450% bonuses
i also done a 10 lap race on nurinburg with the bmw forza edition and nothing on that either before last patch
this needs to be fixed asap im on the xbox

Why would a tier 10 forza player need to use the super easy settings for the entire race as this is the cause of your problems.

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Did you have any of the assists on Super Easy?

I’ve read this will not pay out any credits or XP after the October 10 patch.

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no trac/stab off normal stearing abs off manual with clutch

Dam this is a problem then as at the moment it seemes to do this when super easy assist of some type is on but if its going to start doing it on the long long races is really going to get peeps steamed.

yea it is stupid i caint do any thing over like 7 laps on most tracks so i quit playing till they fix it which they probably wont