Dom's Charger Xbox Video Offer

As I like to do occasionally, I went to check the Xbox Live Marketplace and saw a box saying “Exclusive Forza 6 add-on” and was interested in it. Did a quick search and nothing came up for it on the forum or internet as of yet so figured I’d go ahead and post it here. If it matters, I’m Canadian so it’s showing up on the Canadian Marketplace atleast. It’s beneath “Featured” in one of the rectangular sections, sadly can’t get a photo to upload.

What is says is:

Fast & Furious 7
Buy the Movie, get Dom’s Charger for Forza Motorsport 6 free*

Get a limited edition Forza Motorsport 6 car when you buy Furious 7 or Furious 7 - Movie Collectio on Xbox Video. Molded from Dom’s car in the movies, it will be the prize of your garage in the Forza Motorsport 6 game.

Own Furious 7 | Own Movie Collection | Own Forza Motorsport 6 | Terms and Conditions

*Offer valid with purchase of Furious 7 or Fast & Furious Collection from Xbox Store by September 21, 2015. See Full Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions opens something saying, essentially: Valid for 50 US states, D.C., Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Australia. Customers will receive token codes through their Xbox Live messaging center within four weeks after promotion ends with qualified purchase from Xbox Store. Offer valid one per account and expires at 11:59 on Sept. 21st 2015 and not available through rental. All will be honored made before promotional dates, download code must be used within 30 days.

Really making me curious as to what the F&F pack will be then for September without Dom’s Charger in it? Interesting. If anyone can post a photo for me that’d be fantastic or I’d try to find a way myself.

Allows you to click on the sections that say “Own Furious 7”, etc. Each one sends you to the marketplace for each one individually, such as to buy Forza Motorsport 6 or the movie.

Prices for Canada atleast are 25$ for HD version, 20$ for SD version, 45$ for the Bundle in HD and 45$ for the Bundle in SD. Own Forza 6 leads to the Standard Edition Forza 6 marketplace.

Worth noting as mentioned earlier supposedly only applies to purchase and not to rent.

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Good find. Going off of ManteoMax’s thread at the top of the forum, I’m guessing the first pack will be the standard versions of the cars seen in the FH2 pack:

2015 Dodge Charger R/T
2015 Dodge Challenger R/T
2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
1970 Plymouth Cuda
1970 Plymouth Road Runner

With the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, done up in exposed engine fashion being the exclusive for buying the movie bundle (separate from the 7 in the pack). Thing is, the Ghibli and Supra from the original pack are already in, and we have a few cars 1 model year off already in. We might get 2-4 cars that are otherwise famous, or at least seen in the series - there’s plenty to choose from!

So we have at least one car confirmed with a blower.

Wasnt the whole pack confimed? Or you meant for the movie purchase deal?

I’m really curious to see what will happen in this pack. Will it be 10 cars like usual for Forza 5 ( and Forza 4 if I remember correctly? ) or 6 like FH2? Time will tell but with Dom’s Charger out as a separate DLC I’m curious like you and speculated if it’ll be stock versions of cars or not.

The Challenger R/T might be unlikely due to the inclusion of the Hellcat in the base game. It may be possible that it may include more cars such as the Lykan Hypersport that people keep mentioning every DLC release as it were featured in the series since it was included in other game franchises but still feels unlikely to see in the game anytime soon. Besides that: the Wrangler has yet to be included in the Forza Garage which may leave the Wrangler with a slight chance but it wasn’t included in Forza 5, and the 2015 Charger has not been included either despite the 2015 Hellcat but there is the return of the 2012 Charger and no 2012 Challenger so it’s too little evidence to base it on.

Essentially, point of this:
Likelihood of it being modded versions of cars? Dom’s charger is out, so it might not be likely.
Likelihood of it being stock versions of cars? There is some possibility to see the FH2 cars return and possibly have some new cars appear but once again: we know nothing, and will not know anything until the DLC’s announcement.

It’s still interesting to see that the Charger is out and so ultimately it means we don’t anything until the DLC announcement besides that Dom’s Charger will be returning for 20$ and for a limited time only.

I believe if I understood correctly he meant that we know out of the cars in the game, we will be getting 1 F&F car with a blower mounted on the hood. Sadly this is a 20$ minimum DLC for one car ( Which I don’t mind since I never watched any F&F movies ( Don’t hurt me! ) and would give me a reason to ) and excluded from the movie purchase deal. We may get more crazy blowers on the hoods in the game but nothing we know about.

You can get all the f&f 7 (seven) (siete) cars from the latest movie with the ultimate edition and yes your forgiven for not watching the f&f movies :slight_smile: Edit: had to reword my post cause people were thinking I was refering to all the cars in the franchise, I only meant F&F 7 cars

We see the silhouette of a blower on the Store page, but no description of the cars. Also, the car with blower was in FH2 but that didn’t add the part to all car upgrades. I’m just wondering if it blowers are a new upgrade in FM6 for many cars or if this is the only one. Buy Forza Motorsport 6 Fast & Furious Car Pack | Xbox

That would be cool but sadly I think that silhouette is Dom’s charger but one could hope that upgrade can be passed down to other V6,V8 cars :slight_smile:

Do you recognise the car in the silhouette? I originally understood it as Dom’s Charger but looks more to me as a Camaro of sorts now that I look at it… Z28ish? Also, what do you mean by “the car with blower was in FH2 but that didn’t add the part to all car upgrades?” You mean there were actual blowers in FH2 on some of the cars as options similar to the F&F Charger?

That silhouette is 100% charger. The slope near the rear window screams MOPAR all day lol.

My thanks for not hurting me :smiley:

Thing is, as far as the Xbox ad ( I tried posting it from my phone, Safari crashed. Decided I didn’t want to mess anything up. Will try again later… ) it says its a “Limited Edition Car.” So does that mean it’s been re-liveried or it’s legitimately limited edition like the Cayenne and GT3? ( or GT2, I forget? ) Was there maybe another famous Dodge in F&F history that resembles Dom’s Charger maybe? It could be that the silhouette is misleading or the ad is unclear. Also, when you say you can get all the F&F cars with the Ultimate Edition, what do you mean by it? Has anything been leaked about the contents of the pack, and “all the F&F cars” seems ambiguous as it could mean you get every single car from every single movie haha. I know the F&F pack comes with the Ultimate Edition, just nothing has been heard about its contents as far as I’m aware.

From what I read you get all the F&F cars that where in FH2 when you purchase the ultimate edition of FM6

Where did you read that?

Forza hub app, the store front shows it as a bunble though which it is

I went back and checked the description which reads:
Game Description:Featuring an amazing lineup of cars from the legendary Fast & Furious film franchise, the Fast & Furious Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 6 is your chance to add some of the hottest cars in movie history to your Forza Motorsport 6 garage! The Fast & Furious Car Pack is included in the Deluxe and Ultimate Edition digital bundles of Forza Motorsport 6. Pre-order either the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition digital bundle of Forza Motorsport 6 to make sure you get these amazing cars!

It says Movie History with no mention to FH2 in there at all. Doing a quick google search led me to a BusinessInsider post:
Since I know no F&F history, this may be interesting based on many Car Wishlist posts I’ve seen: Jensen Interseptor, Lykan Hypersport, Mark 1 Ford Escort, Terradyna Gurkha (???), FD RX-7, 1992-1997 Civic, Eclipse GS, Dom’s Charger.

Those are all the cars in that list I realized aren’t in the game ( as of yet. ) Since the pack says “Movie History” it’s probably across all 7 movies. The Jensen will likely not appear, the Lykan as previously stated will not appear either most likely, the Escort, FD RX-7, the 1992 Civic and the Eclipse are all possible since the Civic has appeared in Forza 4 as a 1994 model 1.5 VTi, the '97 Mazda RX-7 FD has appeared, the Escort will return as a '77 and as a '92, and the Eclipse has made multiple appearances but is unclear.

So if anything has been said about this pack, that’d be great to hear. So far, it’s the most ambiguous wording and could mean literally anything.

F&F car pack the cars that came out in the 7th movie and the same pack that came out in FH2. T10 did not specify one car when deluxe and ultimate was anounced, they said carpack and the only F&F carpack that ever came out was in FH2. I never mentioned an eclipse or any past frachse cars I said f&f car pack. F&F 7 carpack so there is no confusion :slight_smile:

So far my understanding was that the Fast and Furious car pack advertised with the Forza Motorsport 6 purchase would consist of the same Fast and Furious car pack that launched for Forza Horizon 2 based off of the “presents Fast and Furious” standalone expansion.

That is an assumption though.

Yes this is what im saying lol. People thought I meant all the cars from all 7 movies but I was only talking about the f&f carpack that came out in FH2 that will make it into FM6

Edit: sorry for the confusion Manteo&Maximal

Dom’s Charger is a 68’

Didn’t the 68’ had round tail lights??