Does xbox play anywhere still work if i haven't purchased the game myself

Hi i hope anyone can help as i havnt seen this issue addressed elsewhere.
ive recently been playing forza horizon 4 on a shared Xbox where a different account purchased the game and am considering buying it on PC so other people in my house can use the xbox etc. Will my cloud save still transfer to pc as i haven’t purchased the game myself on the xbox or will that not be a problem? i Know its a specific situation but i dont really wanna spend money then have to re grind a load of unlocks as ive put quite a few hours in already.
thanks for any help.

As the game is play anywhere, this shouldn’t be an issue and you should be able to play as the Xbox App should work similar to your Xbox dashboard.
If you are a little worried, Xbox Games Pass is still on sale for £1 / $1 or you could try a 14 day trial if its temporary.

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