Does Turn10 sell F4 disc with all the dlc included?

How’s it going fellow Forza’s,

Basically my question above. I own XB1 and fell in love with F5.

I was able to get my Xbox 360 made into a laptop so it’s now my mobile gaming system. Since I’m late to the forza party, I never had a chance to play F4.

I would like to know if there is an ultimate disc edition that exists with all dlc included?

Last time I checked, no…there’s not an ultimate edition with all the DLC included. But there should be a GOTY version with the American Muscle Car Pack and the September DLC in it.

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Cool. I’ll pick that one up and just download the rest of the dlc. Thanks.

360 as a laptop? How is that done?


I know it’s a week old post but google “Darkmatter Xbox” and you’ll find your answer. I’ve seen a few customs jobs over the years which all were nice as well and are probably the smartest option if you have the know how because The Darkmatter kits are a bit pricey at $500 for just the kit that you build using your own Xbox and $1000 for a plug and play ready system.