Does the TH8A shifter on pc work?

Has anyone been able to try this out yet? It doesn’t work in Apex as of now. I was told that the fantec clubsport handbrake works on pc as a separate usb device so im going to assume that my shifter should work but I cant even find any info if that Hand brake works in Apex. I know the shifter works on the xbox one but I have a 4k gaming pc and im not going to play it on the xbox one as the 30fps bothers my eyes.

Yeah I’ve tried it both connecting to the wheel and to the PC directly and can’t get it to recognise in game. Works perfect on the Xbox version though.

Hoping I’m just missing something?

No it doesnt work yet, i think they said theyre working on it

Post to the PC forums:

To the people saying it doesn’t work, have you tried it in Horrizon 3 or just apex?