Does the Porsche DLC ever go on sale?

I was wondering if it ever went on sale before. And what are the chances of it being on sale come Black Friday before I spend $20.

It says 19.99 on the Xbox Marketplace but if I go into to store section on the game, it says 14.99. Is this because I have a VIP membership?

Yes, VIPs get a %25 discount on the Porsche Pack if the DLC is purchased via the in-game marketplace.

I’ve read the reason the price is so high (and lack of sales) is due to the cost of the license for the Porsche cars.


Yeah, EA owns the rights to Porsche I believe.

Well, think of it this way… If you’ve bought any regular DLC, it cost $7 for 10 cars. You get 20 cars plus achievements for $20. Not the best trade off, but a lot of the cars are quite useful. I slightly regret paying that much for it, but it’s not a total letdown.

Sorry to hijack thread, does anyone know if I purchase the Porsche doc for forza 4 does it add anything to forza 5?


No it does not - it is for FM4 only.

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