Does the PC version not sync to cloud?

I posted yesterday that I was having trouble switching from my Xbox Series X back to PC. After some workarounds, I got my PC to sync and download my save from the cloud and played for a bit last night.

Now when I load the game on Xbox its saying “Your other console (PC) is taking too long to sync”, it’s been 24 hours.

Is the PC app just hanging out not syncing cloud saves? I never had this problem with FH4, but as a main marketing point by Microsoft you think this would be a bigger issue. Is there something wrong with my configuration? I’m not even sure what to check because there’s no status bar or indication anything is happening.

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I have the exact same problem. Played on xbox series s then played on my PC from the synced save with no problem. Now the Xbox says the same message as you and I can only play on my PC now.
Never had this problem with FH4 before.
Hotfix didnt correct the problem though

I have same problem but it doesn’t prevent me from playing on both.

Does that mean you are playing different save files on different platforms?