Does the FORza Horizon Rally Expansion work on Xbox One?

Say, if I were to buy the expansion today, can I install it and play on my xbox one? I already have the game on my xbox one.

Can’t buy it anymore, all DLC for it has been delisted.

Turn 10 should have given away all the DLC before delisting it, I missed the EOL notification and missed getting the rally expansion by a few hours, very unhappy and Forza Horizon only went backwards compatible about a month before they all got delisted :frowning: bad form Turn 10.

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I’m very displeased by the delisting of the Rally Expansion. Not only is it a chunk of the game that people can no longer get, but the cars in it are still available in current Forza games, so the “licensing running out” spiel isn’t applicable here.

In most games cases the cars are licensed for that game only, not any future iterations - this applies to Forza, GT, NFS and any other game that uses licensed content.

So remove the cars from the expansion and let people buy the rest of the expansion without them.

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I bought the season pass before the game was delisted from my xbox one and was unable to download half of the season pass’s content including the rally expansion. Not impressed, I’ve already spoken to Microsoft’s support and they reckoned that by posting my problem on here it would get resolved, what a load of rubbish it seems so far. I’ll give it a few more weeks before formally requesting a refund.

Same. Missing three car packs and the Horizon Expansion. Doesn’t work on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Support has been useless, usual “Clear your profile from the console, clear the cache, etc”.
I never physicall download the Rally Expansion to the xbox 360, so it doesn’t appear in my download history. Only 3 of the 6 car packs do.

I am facing the same issue. All dlcs have not appeared on Xbox One’s Ready to install section… So, I was not able to download the DLCs, including Rally Expansion…

I think just one DLC is applicable for use on the Xbox One with backwards compatibility. It’s the one with the Devon GTX. I say that because that’s the only DLC car that shows up within the Autoshow for me.


Try again—as of mid-February 2017, the in-game Marketplace has basic functionality again. For those that had previously obtained the Season Pass, the Rally Expansion and/or any other car packs that would have come along with that Season Pass, should again be downloadable!

Yes, is working. I just have installed the Rally Expansion but no luck with car packs.

cars packs is working again. At least all the cars are available even having problems when installing it.