Does team balance exist in this game

Does team balance exist in this game

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One word: convoy

Honestly, convoys shouldn’t be allowed to play team ranked. Most of the time this is just bullying - i have been on both sides. There should be separate category to play in convoy.
That may be unpopular opinion, but there is plenty of people that are to slow to join clubs, that don’t have friends playing FH4 or even don’t have friends playing games at all.
I know that Free For All exists, but that is different. In team races you have that feeling that you are part of something and that even if you don’t well you can still win.

On the other hand it would be nice if game would take into account your finishing positions in team races. So you don’t get ffffff when all your teammates are “not solid” drivers.


Another reason team ranked is not worth playing, and Grandmaster rank attained in that mode is worthless. The only true Grandmasters in my eyes are the ones who earned it in free-for-all.


If points worked, the GMs above would get +0 or -1 in that match up even if they win. It’s a waste of time for everyone. Speed of matchmaking is generally prioritised over getting evenly matched teams.