Does stuff transfer across accounts

Getting the ultimate edition for xbox, anyone know if the features (i.e. car pass, car packs, vip) will be on all the accounts?

If you have the account you purchased the game on set as your home xbox or you are signed into that account while playing on a second account (That doesn’t own the game) then yes you can do that. Your very welcome! :slight_smile:

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They haven’t confirmed either way. DLC will always work on both accounts. VIP, Car Pass, etc did last year with Game sharing, but they never stated whether it will or not this year.

If you had game shared for two accounts before, only main account had free DLC cars in in-game autoshow and double VIP wheelspins.

Not true
For the last 5 forza games all accounts on the same console had access to all DLC but with the last 3 games all the other accounts had all the free access as well including free dlc and double vip spins

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