Does not feel like a new game.

In my honest opinion I love the game but it just feels like a better graphics version of the first horizon with new ars added. I own a copy for the (360) by the way. I was also disappointed in the fact that we are not able to actually tune the cars. We also don’t have the new special paint options or the new selection of rims. Also by the looks of it it does not look like the (360) edition will notkhave any DLC. Meaning there is no season or VIP passes. I do understand that the (360) edition was made by Playground Games, but it would be nice if we had all of the same things that the Xbox One edition has. I’m also pretty sure that I’m not the only person who is thinking this. So Turn 10 please listen and understand that we (360) players want the same accessibility as the Xbox One players have.


I think it’s a little late to be asking for parity between the 360 and Xbox One versions. The differences have been known for some time and I’ll be SHOCKED if the 360 is updated at some point to include the Xbox One-specific features.

You can’t really compare if you still playing on 360. The game is much better than the 1st installment imo because I still play on my 360 version from time to time aswel bcoz of some friends not owning the xboxone yet

Sumo Digital made FH2 for the Xbox 360