Does new PC = start again?


Sorry if this question is a bit nooby, but I suddenly got older and I now don’t understand a lot of current gaming features! Basically I want to get a new PC rig, and I don’t want to lose my current progress in Forza 7. If I download the game and addons on my new PC off the store, will all my user information such as cars, progress, cash etc transfer over? Or is some of that information still retained on my SDD?



Game save is kept in the cloud
Just need to make sure you let it fully sync when you start up on your new pc

It’s both.

It’s saved on your SDD and in the cloud. When you update to a new rig, just install the game and start it.

It will download your latest save game from the cloud. You won’t lose anything.

But DON’T CANCEL THE SYNC of your savegame in that moment. I can take ‘very long’.

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I uprgraded my pc just this week. Only case and case fans are old. Downloaded forza, started forza, waited data sync for 1h15min. Nothing lost.

Just to clarify,
It will ONLY work if you use the same Microsoft account.

If you set up the computer with another one, you wont get your save.
Since i is tied to your gamer tag AKA Microsoft account.

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