Does gsync work in forza horizon 4?

Does gsync work in forza horizon4? If it does how do i enable it?Do i just turn on fullscreen and windowed in nvidia control panel?

Setting it to Fullscreen should be enough, woks for me at least.

It should work. Vsync and all other ways of sync are probably the only thing from the nvidia driver (or your videocard’s driver) that will actually work in-game, since microsoft blocks everything else. You cant use driver-driven AA, or anisotropy or anything else. But things like vsync should work, no matter what.

G-Sync works fine on Horizon 4…I used to use it on my Freesync monitor. All you should need to do is go into “NVIDIA Control Panel” in Windows, clcik on “set-up G-Sync” and then enable it…after that it should just automatically be enabled when gaming etc. There is an option there to “enable for Full Screen mode” or an option for “enable for Windowed and Full Screen mode” so you can choose.