Does cross country seem more difficult than other disciplines to you?

Enjoyed the game untill I started cross country. What a restarthell!! I setup this game on highly skilled on everything but on this randomness of insanely annoying races I cant make top 5 on easiest setting. Most landing are on frontbumper and its just luck if it is pointed right direction when it falls from frontbumper to the wheels. Am I doing something wrong or is it meant to be just random luck?

What are you driving? I’ve tried a couple in the Raptor and won them both on Pro

Choice of car is definitely important here - ideally use an offroad, extreme offroad or offroad buggy vehicle for this. They’ll handle the jumps and landings much better. You’ll also want to make sure you approach jumps straight on and with commitment - don’t make any last minute adjustments or your landing will suffer for it.

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I have the raptor but I’m infinitely curious about the Warthog on CC tracks. I don’t want to pour a million into buying and tuning the thing since I’m still trying to buy houses but also… I kind of do want to tinker with the thing.

For better control on landing, let off the gas and try to keep the wheels straight until you’ve got all four wheels back on the ground.

I keep hoping to get it in a Wheelspin. I’m not throwing down that much cash until after I get that castle I’m saving for. :wink:

My least favourite races the cross country ones. Completely random how your vehicle chooses to behave and the AI doesn’t seem to have any of the troubles I do and tear through the race with ease.

Suspension and offroad tires make a lot of difference when you want more control and less bumping. A short tap on the breaks before a jump helps with bigger jumps, center of gravity moves forward, your car gets a more leveled flight and a softer landing. With some jumps followed by a curve this a must, so you don’t overshoot it.

Definitely go for something with a descent amount of clearance. I use the Lamborghi Urus with the off-road suspension and it does me great. My biggest concern and I’m actually kinda ticked off is…I assumed that sense I unlocked Goliath at level 20 for road racing, I would also unlock something after I completed level 20 of cross country. I’ve been busting out cross country races only to find out that I do not get a bigger better cross country race like the Goliath. Very disappointed

The Titan is what you should have unlocked for Cross Country (and I believe you didn’t even have to get to lvl20 for that).
So check if that race isn’t available for you, and if not, perhaps you’d have to log a support ticket.

I love cross country races. Not so much for the challenge but for the fact you can bank some serious skill points for the race as your constantly chaining drifts, airs and wreckage skills.
Also helps you take a decent off roader. As someone above said the Lambo Uros is a decent look as I predominantly user that on horizon 3. Currently I’m using a Baja bug

Warthog is good for offroading. A little bouncy but a good choice for most.
My preference is the Lamborghini Urus, a good solid vehicle even if it don’t have the best top speed, it handles jumps like a champ.
Ford Bronco and Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk are also decent for offroading.

I can beat the AI’s on expert mode with a properly tuned vehicle from the list above with the exception of the Urus, just can’t get the speed out of it.

If a pickup is more your prefered style I would suggest the Titan Warrior or F-150 Raptor.

Cross Country can be very frustrating but also very fun when you find a good car for the purpose, try Range Rover Sport SVR or the Bowler, with those cars I always get the top 3 with Pro Pro difficulty.

The biggest problem I have with Cross Country are the stupidly massive jumps they feel the need to cram into every race.

Jumps feel so random to me in most cars even when I have a perfectly straight run-up, and it’s even worse when you add drivatards or online morons into the mix.

I see so many other players trying to go offroad in hypercars with race suspension and tyres. Sorry, but that setup just doesn’t work well. One lesson I learned from FH3 was to set up almost ever car with rally suspension and tyres, regardless of where I was racing them at, since most of the time you would be driving on mixed surfaces. Cross country races deffo need at minimum a car with a full rally setup, since the rally suspension absorbs the little surface changes that can upset your car and make it go somewhere you did not intend. If you want to do well in cross country, use one of the offroad class cars with the ride height at maximum, lower the sway bar settings a bit, and up the aero settings to give you more traction.

There is a cheap way around having to grind those out. Simply create a road race route/circuit and label it cross country. You get to race on a nice paved road and earn cross country influence.

At the same difficulty setting I’m constantly on the podium in other disciplines but on cross country I often end up around where I started – in 8th. Is it only me or should the devs adjust the CC difficulty?

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I don’t enjoy it at all, I find it to be based mostly on RNG than skill.

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On road races I can win when the AI is set on “highly skilled”, but in Cross Country I put the AI on the lowest setting (and even that seems challenging).
Don’t know if it’s me (bad offroad racer) or game settings.

Exactly the same here. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I actually thought I was just not that good at this game, but then I really really wanted the skeleton morph suit, so I raced against those avatars on the road tracks and actually WON. So, I guess I’m just no good at cross country. They frustrated me in FH3, too. I mean, they’re fun if I race on the lowest n00b setting, but I’m not nearly as good with them as I am with road racing.

I tend to do better in cross country than road races.

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