Does anyone know when the standard version (digital download) will be available?

Dear petrolheads,

any idea what time the standard version will be available for download here in Ireland?

As of now, the Xbox Store says it’s “Unavailable” and i can only buy one of the three pre-order editions, which i’m not interested in.

Also, does anyone know if it has the same price tag as the Day One Edition or will it be slightly cheaper?

I would have thought that it will be the day one edition today, and that might then covenvert to the standard edition tomorrow (Day Two :wink: ), but I wouldn’t have thought it would be any cheaper…

The Day One Edition is the standard edition just with a free bonus. Why wait for the same thing (minus the bonus) later for the same price?

Interesting theory, but the game description says “Release date: 03/10/2014”. Also, there is the option to choose between this version and the Day One Edition, so i doubt that the Day One Edition would ‘convert’ into a normal edition. The Day One Edition will probably be removed from the store after launch day.

@Max: personal preference. Not interested in the Day One Car Pack or ‘Day One’ label on the cover. Doesn’t really matter if the price will be the same as the Day One Edition, but i’d like to make the purchase today, as soon as possible.

Well, when I say convert, I mean tomorrow it just won’t come with the free day one dlc. If you buy the version today, you’ll get the standard game, and the dlc. If you really didn’t want the dlc, you could probably cancel the download before it completed.

I haven’t started a download yet. I’m a bit nitpicky about things like this. Have you bought any of the available editions, Chambece? If so, does it somehow show you that you own that particular edition (like a description or logo on the cover at the Xbox dashboard or game library or something like that) or do you only ‘know’ or ‘see’ that you own that particular edition because of the added bonusses?

FORZA HORIZON 2 Day One is the standard edition. It’s the cheapest. Day One has extra car pack for day 1. That’s the one I downloaded last week.

Does it show any of the ‘Day One’ text or logo’s at the Xbox dashboard, game library or in-game?

Its the cheapest out of the current 3 available

I got the ultimate edition, which consisted I think of 4 items, the game, a day one pack, the vip pack, and the car pack. The game shows no indication of the version from the dashboard, in fact the only difference I can see at the moment is the little crown by my gamertag.

I am pretty sure that the or difference you will be able to see is the additional cars available. I know from all of the other day one (physical) editions I have had, the only difference has been the bit on the cover, and the inclusion of a dlc code.

Hope this helps, of course, it’s up to you, but you may as well get the additional free cars and get it today, or if you really didn’t want them, try canceling or uninstalling the day one pack :slight_smile:

Alright, that’s what i was after. Thanks!

There’s no logo if you buy the day one edition.

Er, what part did I not answer? The game shows no indication of any version from the dashboard, and it’s effectively just a free dlc. I’ve not seen any difference at all, apart from the crown because of the vip dlc…

Ah sorry, crossed messages, doesn’t help that my posts seem to be getting moderated,

Thanks guys. Looks like i’ll be getting the Day One Edition then.