Does anyone have tips for tuning a X-Class Sesto Elemento?

Hello everyone,

Ive been working on a X-Class Sesto tune, and I think Im nearly done. I am not an experienced tuner, but Ive been looking at guides online. Ive swapped the slicks for rally tyres, since for some reason it handles really bad in high speed corners.

Does anyone have any advice?

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one of the reasons could be too much weight to either the front or rear (downforce inclusive). Try fiddle around with downforce settings and see if it helps.
In extreme cases there’re few cars that requires ditching rear wing.

Do you have any tips for general AWD tuning for some of my other cars? If you do, you’re advice would be greatly appreciated :relaxed:

Not really unfortunately. Even power bias alone can vary hugely depending on a car’s weight balance together with front rear tire width, wheelbase car length etc. From 50% power to rear for my Dodge Ram up to 88% rear for my Hotwheels Bone Shaker.

U better specify what info u want in particular. Too lazy to type everything out sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe use race tires? That will work.

Slicks are only for drag racing (horrible for turning).
Rally tires are only for Blizzard mountain, use Race tires.
Shocks, springs, ARB’s, differentials, and aero all affect cornering (and one affects the others), but most important is driving style.
Look up tunes that people have published to get general ideas and gently tweak as needed, and read about what each thing does. It may seem complicated at first but if you get into it you will really love it. If you can’t get into it, it may be best just to buy tunes for anything above A class.

Rally tires actually aren’t as grippy as race tires in turns without losing traction

Cheers for all if the info. I’ve vastly improved the car now.:+1::+1: