Does anybody have a 2018 Ford Mustang S5 (RTR) that they can auction me?


I am a huge fan of RTR vehicles and only recently fount out that they are in the game but I cannot find one in the auction house or anything. Willing to pay up to 3.3 million dollars. Please do not put the car on the auction house as it will probably be sold by the time I come back and read this.


Sold mine for around 10 million each as soon as I put them in the auction so you might struggle to get any for that

I’ve got 2 of the… maroon (?) ones. Can have one for whatever you want to pay for it. Don’t need the money.

my balls

Aren’t these now regularly available in the AH for about 4 million? If you want one slightly cheaper, I’ll happily sell one for 3 million.

They’re between 5-6 million credits, but there are loads of them for sale.

I don’t know what happened, but it seems like most of the “prize” cars are up for auction all of a sudden. I used to search by year (1950’s) when I was looking for a Plymouth Fury and there were no (prize) cars for sale from that decade. Now when I do that search I find hundreds of Furys with a few Hudson Hornets mixed in.

tem todos esses carros no leilão por preço melhor que pensam