Dodge Charger Gets a New Face

Nothing that Dodge will come up with will beat the look of the 69 Charger in my opinion. Not a fan of the newer designs/body shapes of cars these days. They are all starting to look the same

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I’m freakin’ salivating… if you know me, you know I love the Dodge Dart’s look… and on a CHARGER… wowza.

Are you kidding me? It is HIDEOUS.


Noooooooooooooooooooo!!! They made it into a European sloppy joe!

Blame Fiat for that. lol

To be fair, since the 2005 Charger, it’s been a bit of a mess.

Doesn’t look that bad as people claim it to be.

You’re right, it looks worse

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They kept the shape since the 05 charger lol, i myself prefer the look of muscle cars of old, but i guess times come to move on

Why does everyone hate it so much? People hated the 2012 redesign at the time too, and now they’re saying that looked great… People confuse me.

+1 million!

The back looks amazing but the front doesn’t suit.

Up until this point I had quite liked the look of the new Charger’s. This one looks awful though.

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Seriously, what’s so hideous about the new look? Nobody has given a reason other than hating on it.

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As said in the other thread of the same matter, it looks like a fat dart.

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Why does everyone hate on the Dart too? Not every modern American car needs to be retro styled for the sake of blind nostalgia… Though I do believe they could’ve picked a better nameplate to reuse, like Omni.

Seriously, out of all the other cars in its class, you mean to tell me this looks bad?

Especially when compared to the next best looking, the Focus ST, which looks like it just heard a bad joke…

The new Charger’s styling is pretty dang clean IMO. It’s not quite as “fitted” looking as the '12 redesign, but it’s got its own special flair to it. The only thing I really wanna see different is some slightly more aggressive styling on the SRT edition, which is usually a give-in (look at the '12 SXT vs the '12 SRT and you’ll get what I mean). All in all though, that new front end looks pretty modern. And I keep getting an Iron Man vibe from it for some reason…

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Well for a start, the Dart used to look like this
Now it looks like an uglified Neon. Fiat are slowly destroying Chrysler.

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Well, the 2012/13 car was a thing to get used to, because of the back tail lights of the Charger, but was actually really cool. The 2009 was really the best version of the car (to my standards). Now, why I don’t like this version is because it looks like a Dodge Dart grill. There is really no difference but they have the oval head lights from the Dart, but look cut in half. The SRT version of the 2013 was weird with the blackout front end from the Dodge chrome grill. but I still think that the car’s engine (not the body) is really good. I hope the SRT version is better looking as it is more powerful.

(P.S. I would have gone on a rant but my mom had control of the computer, so you were saved. lol) .

“Well, the 2012/13 car was a thing to get used to”
ok you can say that just happened. it just does not look as good.