Do your shared tunes show any popularity?

Hey Everyone,

I’ve shared 66 tunes or so and have 400 downloads but none of my tunes show anything more than 1 star. I also have at least a few dozen likes and hundreds of uses on my tunes (at least according to the messages I’ve received). I’m assuming that this means they are not tracking correctly? In Horizon 3 if I got 1 download on a tune it seemed to move it to at least to 2 stars of popularity.

Also, am I missing a way to see what tunes people are downloading/liking/using? Other than going into each individual car and clicking on my tunes I don’t know of a way to check these things and it’s really frustrating (was frustrating in Horizon 3 as well), there is a way to see the activity on all paints in one place, why is there not that same function for tunes(or is there)? I want to see what tunes people are using so I can make more of that type of tune.


Same issue here - if I look at the tunes I have shared through my ingame profile page they just show up as 1 star tunes. But if I switch to the car and look at all shared tunes available I find my most popular one has a 3 star rating, 600+ downloads, a few thousand uses and some likes. Odd that that data doesn’t sync through to the locally saved tunes even if I download my own one.

I have downloaded my own one a couple of times on my own profile while trying to see stats, and ended up with 3 copies of it. But whichever one I click on to delete to tidy them up, prompts to say it will remove the shared tune from the store which I don’t want to do. guess I’ll just leave 3 copies sitting there then.

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Glad to know it’s not just me. I do wish there was a way to see all my tunes info without having to get into each car and then check. Would take me an hour to go through all my tunes that way. :frowning:


nope not at all, but then nobody has downloaded any of mine ;0) had quite a few downloads in FM7 but so far none in FH4… It’s not like there’s not plenty of time though ;0)

1 tune:

you can view all you tunes, designs, blueprints, etc from the Creative Hub portion of the in-game dashboard.

You can see the tunes but that’s it. To see the number of downloads, uses, likes, etc you have to find the tune by going into your garage and getting into the car and then going to load tune. It’s a ridiculous journey for simple information.


It was the same way in Horizon 3 and one of the 1st things I checked in this game to see if they fixed it. Sadly no so like you said the only way to do it is by getting in each individual car, selecting setup manager and load tune. This is very time consuming.