Do you still play after your chores are done?

I’m curious.

For the most part, once I’ve completed enough Seasonal Objectives to feel Series comfortable, I’m pretty much done with FH5 until the next season drops. I just finished Winter with 49 points and I’m DONE. I need 25 for the Series Mustang and I’ll stop flat at 45 next week for the Vaux Carlton. I don’t find myself playing this game for fun. I’m just trying to obtain exclusive cars to deter FOMO and keep coming back every week in a sad attempt to “get my money’s worth”.

How many of you play beyond your weekly objectives?
And, for the love of everything good, why?

Not intending to slam anyone for enjoying the game. I’m just really curious what motivates you to continue past the grind. What are people getting out if it? What do you do? Donuts at the drag strip all day? Actual racing? Does anyone convoy? Where? What’s fun about that?

Maybe I’m just weak.


I don’t even try to do the festival playlist, except for the Trial and eliminator challenges. I prefer to actually have fun playing the game. If playing isn’t fun for you, why do you play at all? To get exclusive cars that you’re never going to drive anyway because you spend all your time trying to get more cars? To feel like those $60 (or more) that you spent didn’t go to waste? That really doesn’t make sense to me.

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Why? The Photchallenge is easy and PR-Stunts aren’t too hard and “best” tunes/cars are in weekly thread. And the 3 racing events is fun

Ok, that doesn’t make sense to you. Not doing the playlist in favor of The Trail and Eliminator doesn’t make sense to me either.

That’s the purpose of the post. What are you finding fun about Eliminator? What do you not find fun about the playlist? What do you do besides The Trial and Eliminator? What are doing to “actually have fun playing the game”?

Yes, I like to collect in game. I purchased the Car Pass. And yeah! I want to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth which includes obtaining everything. I find satisfaction in that.
I’d like to spend more time enjoying the game but I’ve pretty much had enough once I’ve completed the weekly objectives… and I’m not alone.


When I did everything, I just come back to do the daily challenge, that’s it !

I usually end up knocking out a few accolades after completing the chores. Currently at 1630/1869. But, its getting more difficult to complete these due to bugs, and being gated behind events that haven’t happened yet, or cars that aren’t released. And some are near impossible (creative stuff) for me.

I play beyond weekly objectives. A lot of stuff, actually. Mostly: horizon tour, the eliminator, some random crossroads/dirt races with cars I haven’t driven already and I like to browse eventlab races. Sometimes you can find some great tracks there!

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It takes a few hours to do all the new stuff on Thursday, after that I only do Eliminator and that’s becoming draining. Getting really really sick of losing H2Hs or finals because I’m in a 2WD car.

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No I don’t unfortunately. I did all the weekly’s yesterday and will jump on to do the dailies each day but that’s about it for now. I would love to play open racing but there are just so many issues with it right now. Can’t select what you want to race leading to lost time server hopping, darkness bug with no headlights after finishing a street racing championship forcing you to quit open and start the server hopping process all over again, championships and races are too short especially given the downtime in between waiting for everyone to load in, S2 class is a tire smoke fest and impossible to see unless your in the lead, and Bone Shakers sucking the fun out of A class being they are the most OP car per class and require zero skill to drive fast. The AI even on unbeatable is to slow and stupid for me to provide a challenge so multiplayer is the only challenge the game can give me but it’s just got to many issues making it unenjoyable. :confused:

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I don’t play beyond trying to accomplish playlist tasks/busywork.

I only have so much free time per week.

And with the amount of time I have free for gaming, I divide it between FH5 and other games I want to spend time with.

So really, doing playlist stuff takes up all the time I can allocate to FH5. When I first got the game, I put in some extra time and rushed through exploring all the roads, and I completed all the speed traps and speed zones and danger signs with 3 stars pretty quickly. But after that I just do playlist. I haven’t even finished all the main chapters associated with the different exploration zones. I haven’t done most of the drift zones. I haven’t worked on the horizon stories. I haven’t gone around and gotten 1st place on all the different race events. Definitely no time to work on liveries or tunes.

Playlist really sucks the joy out of this game for me.

MAYBE, MAYBE, it would be more fun if playlist objectives were less specific and could overlap with the stuff I actually want to do?


I tend to play everyday, even if it’s just doing xp farming on the goliath, I have a go at all the weekly daily stuff, to me the game isn’t that bad that I would abandon it.

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FreshGalnet, there’s too many things about this game I don’t like. Fortunately, there’s a lot of depth in this game so there’s still a lot about it I like. As a 62 year old player I just don’t care to spend hours toiling through the seasonal stuff.

Larking about, gaining and spending sp, sending off gift cars is my favorite part of the game.

I love the change they made to the “arcade” so if you end up as a single player you can still finish the challenge.

I don’t like that the AI in the seasonal challenges is so much tougher than the AI in fh4. But I can leave that for the younger players to battle over.

Chances are for me this is the last game ever for me. Seeing as how they mucked up fh5 from fh4 and the general flow of game developers to cater to the top 10% of the best players. The possibility of investing in the series x system just for forza motorsport, which I probably would not even enjoy, is highly unlikely.

So much for me, I’ll just enjoy what I’ve got and do other things I enjoy doing.


I find myself continuing to play for the following reasons:

  1. Designing paints and messing around with liveries.

  2. Tuning - Optimising and tweaking my tunes to see if I can get a few extra seconds advantage on the AI or rivals.

  3. Route Creations - Creating F1 type tracks or trying to come up with other “out of the box” races. Some are challenging, some are flat out speed runs, but mostly they are designed for clean driving and to teach clean driving and test tracks for tunes I create.

  4. Auction house - yes I know others hate it, but I’ve actually been really successful lately in raising enough credits to try helping others by lowering the prices on rare cars within and trying to allow others to bid on cars that would otherwise be out of their balance.

  5. Rivals - I’m currently going around the tracks trying to obtain PBs and see where I can improve.

  6. Drifting - I love drifting, and would spend hours doing it, but I’m doing it less just now due to the nerf that occurred and boards not reflecting this new score mechanism, I’m actually missing this a lot at present.

  7. Helping others - Trials, Arcade etc

  8. Enjoying time with my son - being disabled (mobility wise) I can’t enjoy normal father & son activities, so Forza has been a tool as such to bond, we both share a passion for cars and racing.

Although my playtime isn’t anywhere near that I used to do in FH4, I do typically play a few hours each day, and await the news on fixes to known issues.


That’s exactly it, enjoy what you enjoy doing. I think this sums up life in whole.

I’ve recently turned 40, and life took a turn for the worse a few years ago, since then I’ve taking onboard what really matters the most:

Family, friendships and enjoying things for what they are.


I see a Playlist as a campaign extension. In any carrier mode I would still do the same stuff. So I tend to complete it every time.
But that is really not a reason why I play the game. Without the Trial or the Tour I would probably stay in Open more, but because of high speed ghosting that mode is not my thing anymore. If no I try to tune cars and racing the AI. Eliminator and PGG are also on my day to day things to do besides racing. I’m trying to build tracks too but waiting for a patch to really dig in that mode.

I’m on the verge of quiting. Just not having fun. I’m so fustrated too because this is the one game I want to love but they have added no new fun features. Arghhhhhhh! MAKE THE GAME FUN!!!


I did the career - since then. . . .

I don’t really do the playlist (or chores) I’ve only been running rivals and the occasional race against the unbeatables. To be fair I’ve done a few bits of the playlist, to see if they are truly as bad as people make out or if they are broken.

If they’ve worked for me, I’ve tried to explain what I did to see if it helped someone else trying to complete it. It is frustrating that it’s hard to pin down what causes some people to not be able to complete challenges that others can do on first attempt.

I have fairly simple tastes - If I can find a decent tune for a car and run some laps in it to see if I can catch/ beat a friend - then maybe try that car on another track - I’m happy until I get the next thing and play a ton of that - chances are I’ll still pop back to Forza when I need my fix. However I won’t tie myself to doing things the game wants me to just to get another car - there are cars a plenty in this game.

Everyone is different.


There are vinyls to make, and once they fix the Ai there is the Goliath to do. That was what I did on FH4.

I get my big racing fix on a Thursday evening, completing everything on the playlist. After that, I still enjoy just playing around with the cars and enjoy the feeling of driving about. I tend to mess about until I have enough skill points to complete the masteries on at least one car (working my way through them in order, halfway through Dodge so far!). Some days I feel like doing some Tour races or complete a Horizon Arcade or two, some days I just hoon around, enjoying the sensation of speed. And then it’s Thursday again.


What keeps me occupied mostly outside the weekly challenges are the rival race times in our group and preparation for the PVP, occasionally helping out others in theirs.

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