do you heel-toe? clutch users only

in real life i heel toe but in the game i dont. i feel by not bliping the throttle on downshifts i increase engine braking force, therefore improving braking. also, since theres no chance of drivetrain damage (with damage set to cosmetic) i dont feel the need to be gentle on the drivetrain.
so do you blip the throttle on downshifts to match revs or are you a drivetrain abuser like me?

I generally don’t even clutch When I Downshift, I just let the gear down. When Accelerating, I use the clutch, but very rarely do I use the brake tap the clutch, drop the gear, and power over the corner to drift it. Instead I get to the optimum speed to drift, and clutch, gear down and power over… Braking at the same time, mean using my middle finger to brake, which I am not comfortable doing, based on the controller being so small.

you know you can just set the A button as clutch? its much easier to use clutch that way i feel.
to be honest i was asking more about when you are racing do you heel-toe, as i am not too familiar with drifting techniques lol.

i’m the opposite way: in real life, i have a hard time heel-toe downshifting because i have really fat feet. but in the game, i heel-toe very well. what i do is: i use my middle finger to brake while i hit the bumper (clutch) with my pointer finger. works out well, i think. idk. maybe it’s all in my head, but i get worried about losing the rear if i downshift without blipping.

you only lose the rear end if you downshift too early for the speed you are going, never really been an issue with me but it has happened before, like when i have alot of steering input and downshift too early, then it might happen.
the clutch on left bumper thing i will never understand, its soo much more difficult than A button as clutch. guess its whatever you got used to i suppose.

yeah, that’s probably part of it: i’ve been driving with the clutch since the first game it was available. it’s also sort of a mental thing: this way, my fingers are doing what my feet would be doing, and my thumbs are doing what my arms would be doing.

I heel toe in the game, in real life I don’t have a licence.

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so theres only 3 people that use clutch? cmon guys! lol

I always give some gas as I down shift. So I do heel-toe

Yeah I give the throttle a little squeeze when I downshift (using a controller). It keeps the car balanced going into turns

Depends on the type of corner if its from 6th to say 2nd then i never blip the throttle as i want to brake as late and hard as possible but if its say down 1 or 2 gears then i always use the throttle to balance the car…

why would you not want to brake as late and hard as possible on every turn?
like even if im going from 2nd to 1st i still want the best possible braking?

I find it easier to use A as the handbrake, simply because I can fix the understeer and front brake to correct the handbraking. I also drive extremely LOW stiff suspension, so handbraking to get that blip of understeer is more important than getting the overpower understeer.

Obviously, this would be of no consolation, if I had a proper gearbox/handbrake/clutch steer wheel getup… but I am not about to lose my living room to a video game… its bad enough I lose my weekends.

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I do it every time. I’ve gotten pretty quick at it over the past few years. Is there a way to have the kinect record your hand movements while racing? I think a visual representation would be cool to see.

I think it depends on the car on when i heel toe brake. If they are high horsepower i will do it going into a tight corner but other than that i dont really do it.

I heel-toe in real life and I suppose I have been lately when I’ve been experimenting with manual w/ clutch. For one, if I don’t blip the throttle downshifting just doesn’t sound as cool.

I dont know if it is needed in F5, so if I dont do it I dont need to do it but I dont know if I do it because I got no telemetry.

if you are pressing the throttle on downshifts then you are doing it, no need for telemetry to figure that out.

I do it every time, I don’t even realize it, it’s just automatic for me.

You pretty much have to rev match with manual with clutch; if not the tires can slip and cause the car to slide goin into the turn